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Senior Care Clinic and Doctors in Miami, Florida

geriatric careHershman Medical Center prides itself in having one of the few board-certified physicians in internal medicine and geriatrics, Dr. Kenneth Hershman. Our physicians have full knowledge of the various ailments that geriatric patients may suffer from, and are committed to alleviating these problems as much as possible.

Hershman Medical Center does not rely solely on treating ailments as they arise. The doctors promote a proactive lifestyle that is designed to give you a fuller and healthier life by staying a step ahead of health problems. We believe that by staying active, having a balanced diet and monitoring your health, we can avoid some of the common conditions that our patients may suffer from.

Our facility distinguishes itself from other offices by providing personalized care that targets your specific needs. Here at Hershman Medical Center, we give you "Hershman", meaning the name on the outside of the building belongs to the physician that will be treating you inside. We include our patients in our family, and try to do whatever we can to accommodate their individual needs.

Special services offered to our senior patients:

  • Extended office hours
  • Saturday appointments
  • Pre-emergency room consultations
  • House calls
  • Transportation to our facility and specialist appointments

**Please note that some of these services may not be covered by your insurance.